Hundreds of IMN members trooped out for Eid prayers in Zaria

It was hundreds of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria resident in Zaria that turned out for this year’s Eid prayers held today Friday, 1st September, 2017.

The prayers which was led by Sheikh Abdullahi Zango, had in attendance many notable clerics and adherents including Sheikh Abdulhamid Bello. Other members in attendance were men, women and children.

The prayers were held in the field of the Fudiyyah School in Zaria city which was demolished some months ago by the oppressive government of Nasiru Elrufai without just cause.

Adherents prayed for the immediate freedom of Sheikh Zakzaky and all those still being held since December 2015 and for their safe return. “May Allah hasten the annihilation of the tyrants that had a hand in the brutal Zaria massacre and those who rejoiced with the animalistic actions.”

The prayers were held and concluded safely.


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2 Thoughts to “Hundreds of IMN members trooped out for Eid prayers in Zaria”

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  2. Abdullahi Ahmad Yar'adus

    This is enough a message to tell all enemies of Islam that Shia Islam has come to stay in Nigeria. No amount killings, dententions or persecutions can stop the surging waves of Islamic resurgence sweeping accross Nigeria. THERE IS NO KILLING THE IMN IN NIGERIA. Sayyid Zakzaky must be freed. Sooner or later Sayyid must be free, no matter how much averse they may be. Allah swt shall without an iota of doubt free him (H) from all shackles of bondage of the savage tyrants

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