“We have the entire picture, the courts don’t” – Minister Lai defends flouting of courts’ judgements

The Minister of information, Mr. Lai Mohammed, has scored another low for the Buhari government when he declared that they will not obey court judgements, particularly that involving the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, because their government has an exclusive fuller picture, which the courts lack.

He made the assertion some time back while answering questions in the Osasuna Show when asked why the government would not obey court judgements and release Sheikh Zakzaky and others being detained against valid pronouncements by the courts of competent jurisdiction.

“The court does not have the entire picture,” the minister said. Although he said he was a lawyer too and has the utmost respect for the courts, he refused to explain why the government would not give the courts “the entire picture” to enable them make judgements. When he was asked whether he was saying that the executive arm of government should be the judge and the jury because they have privileged information or what he called “entire picture,” he ironically said he did not say so.

The Minister said it was not right to pick two or three cases to use to condemn government as a government of impunity. When he was reminded that an injustice to one is injustice to all and whether two or three cases, it still translates to the fact that the government is simply flouting court orders, Mr. Lai was adamant, insisting that every government in the World has that right to balance national security.

The Buhari administration may perhaps soon simply dissolve the courts because of their lack of the entire picture, a disability obviously that renders their judgements inconsequential and not enforceable by those with the “entire picture.”

Welcome dictatorship!

Find below the video clip of the interview:

©#FeeZakzaky Campaign Committee, September 2017

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  1. “We have the entire picture……..”,

    including the scripts they are playing as designed by their pay-masters. At least he made quite some ‘common sense’ as his statement is a clear testimony to the existence of cultural imperialism in the country.


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