Someone please help ask Saraki! Where was he?

By Ammar Muhammad Rajab and Abdulmumin Giwa

Where was Saraki when soldiers of the Nigerian Army killed over a thousand people in Zaria between December 12 and 14, 2015? Where was Saraki when El-Rufai banned the Islamic Movement in Nigeria and engaged the services of thugs to team up with security agents to clampdown on members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, killing and maiming as well as torching and destroying their properties?

Where was Saraki when a joint task force consisting of the military, police and plain clothes security agents carried out the extra judicial killing of scores of shi’ah adherents in Funtua, Kaduna, Jos and other places in October, 2016?

Was Saraki not in the country when police brutally killed over 30 people in November 2016 during the Arba’een trek?

Someone please help ask Saraki!

Where were you when the terrorist governing Kaduna state proscribed IMN and declared it an unlawful society after confessing to the illegal mass burial of 347 members of the group to hide a genocide? Does this imply that Shiites are not Nigerians because they don’t pose a practical threat to lives and property or what? The Shiites have taken their case before you several times over but you have hypocritically refused to respond in any way. This is unjust and unfair.

You cannot say you are not aware of the Army attacking and murdering the Shiites incessantly for over 48 hours in Dec 2015 but you kept mute.

You cannot say you are not aware that a court of competent jurisdiction has issued a judgement ordering the release and compensation of Sheikh Zakzaky the IMN leader to which the FGN acted in contempt of court. You cannot claim not to be aware of calls by reputable international human rights organizations like Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Islamic Human Rights Commission of London, UN and others on the Nigerian government to free Sheikh Zakzaky from illegal detention.

You cant claim to be ignorant of the fact that IMN has taken its case before the ICC which in turn has commenced a preliminary investigation on the mass murder of innocent civilians by the Nigerian government.

You cannot also claim ignorance of the fact that Senators in the US have opposed to the sale of arms to Nigeria because such arms are used in murdering innocent civilians giving the massacre of Shiites in Zaria as a case study? You cannot claim not to know that Nigeria has a very bad human rights records as a result of the Army extra-judicially killing innocent civilians?

Why then have you chosen to support the oppression and suppression of Shiites? To avoid cowardice you should come out and speak against the injustices meted against the IMN by the FGN and insist on the immediate and unconditional release of Sheikh Zakzaky.

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