Nigeria: Police attack and arrest civilians marking Ashura

Press Release from Islamic Human Rights Commission, London Armed police in Nigeria have broken up a gathering of civilians marking the historical events of Ashura, arresting at least six people. The six, all members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, whose leader Ibrahim el-Zakzaky remains in detention, were seized while commemorating the martyrdom of the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson Husayn. The arrests took place in Sokoto in northern Nigeria. A statement by the Free Zakzaky Committee said it is working frantically to secure the release of the six and to establish…

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Government must protect Ashura Religious activities and will be held responsible for any attack on commemorations

For the last nine days since the start of this year’s mourning sessions across the globe, there are indications that the Nigerian government is poised to repeat the brutal assault it carried out last year against mourners. The Kaduna state government has kick-started the unjustified trampling on the rights of people who are taking part in their religious duty in Kaduna and Zaria, in scandalous violation of all known sane laws. Similarly in the last few days, Sokoto state has followed suit in the brutality and went further to announce…

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Tambuwal intensifies persecution of solemn religious observance of #Ashura mourning in Sokoto

Sokoto state governor, Aminu Waziri Tambuwal, has continued the brutality and persecution of #IMN members doing the solemn religious observance of #Ashura mourning. Thus far, it has been confirmed that the following were arrested by @AWTambuwal in Sokoto: 1. lbrahim Buchi 2. Mukhtar Liman 3. Ukasha Jibril 4. Anas Abubakar 5. Muhammad Sani Gobirawa 6. Ali kabiru The #FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee is making frantic efforts at confirming the names of others affected by the Sokoto governor’s persecution and seeking redress. What @AWTambuwal & other bigots everywhere need to know is…

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