Sheikh Zakzaky hits back at Nigerian leaders – You can’t scare us! You are reprobates, whose interest is only to amass billions!

May Allah destroy you for us! We don’t need you at all. We don’t think you will ever change for good.

As for us that you threaten – you will do this or that against us – with what will you frighten us?

Who will ever scare us? You? By God! You are too inconsequential.

You who are evil doers? Transgressors! Accursed! People with hardened hearts?

We have never seen leaders of countries reprobates like you before who give no damn about the welfare of their citizens

You will see in other countries, even those without an Islamic system and the people may or may not even be Muslims… yet you will never see their leaders not bothered about their citizens except you. You don’t give a damn about your citizens. Nothing bothers you.

Your only concern is how you amass billions and stack in foreign land.

You meet in your clubs to carry out iniquities.

Is it you that will ever frighten us? With what will you scare us?


Transcripts, translation and subtitling by @ZakzakySupport


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