The many false flag calls of Military and DSS against IMN – The absurd and the outlandish

Security operatives in Nigeria have for long had a history of covertly planning false flag operations against the Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) for different many purposes. We have seen quite a number of such false flag calls in recent times, some very ridiculous, others absurd and outlandish. We will reflect on some of the absurd and the outlandish in this piece.

Nigerian Army tries to cover its tracks:

When soldiers of the Nigerian Army opened fire on peaceful demonstrators in Zaria in July 2014, the military covertly planned to further perpetrate its agenda and even cover its track or at worst, cook up an alibi in case it was needed. A secret memo was raised by one Brig Gen BA Fiboinumama then in Army depot in Zaria and sent to Defence Headquarters in Abuja entitled “Special site report.” The Brigadier wrote that a certain “Zaria based Islamic cleric and leader of Shiite, Sheik el Zakzaki and his followers unlawfully engaged in an act of civil disturbance while protesting on-going conflict between state of Israel and Palestine.” He further stated that “the sect members armed with dangerous weapons attacked innocent civilians, including soldiers…”, and went ahead to allege that “sect members also attempted to disarm some of the soldiers.” The report also said that soldiers acted in “self-defence” and that soldiers engaged them in “exchange of gun fire.” The memo also referred to the demonstrators as “enemy forces”, among whom he said 10 were killed in action and 2 wounded in action. He also referred to those they arrested as “prisoners of war” and listed their numbers as 13. He said there were no casualties on the side of the soldiers and that their morale was high.


Evidently, this hastily crafted memo was to suggest that the soldiers went to war and it was clear the amount of brute force the soldiers used against those they labelled enemies! Now how did a “civil disturbance” become a military matter? The Brig Gen was so daft also to realise that allegations such as these would hold no water anywhere, especially in this age of full video coverage of events, which would show clearly peaceful nature of processions prior to unprovoked attacks by soldiers. Such full video coverage would also clearly show who were armed with dangerous weapons and who attacked innocent civilians. This shameless memo by a Brigadier in the Nigerian Army nevertheless aimed at instigating further bloodshed of their innocent victims and also to cover their tracks.

Ploy to attack members of IMN

False flag calls by the security agencies also occur when they want to attack the Movement. This is by far the commonest reason for these false flag operations. There are many shades of this variety. When they were ploting the devlish massacre, the DSS said their intelligence reports revealed that there was going to be Boko Haram terrorist attacks in Kano, Kaduna and Zaria. That those attacks will be in places of worships and some young girls would be used for such attacks. A few days later, two suicide bombers attacked members of the Movement who were on Arbaeen Trek that year along Kano to Zaria road killing scores of people and maiming many others. Luckily, one of the supposed bombers was apprehended before he could offload his lethal load. He made some very revealing disclosures that gave away who were behind these Boko Haram attacks.

Yet another variety is to raise a false security alert and use that as a basis for launching attacks against the movement based on the allegation on the alert. This we saw in 2014 when a security alert was covertly sent to all security formations nationwide, alleging that members of the Islamic Movement were about to attack security formations nationwide as a revenge for a previous killing of its members. One such false flag emanated from Zamfara state unit of the State Security Services (SSS).


Most times, the initial attack itself would have been based on a false flag call. The Zaria massacre of 2015 was itself based on false “Intelligence” that IMN has stockpiling weapons. They massively killed people and found nothing as reported in the report of the Judicial Commission of inquiry set up by the Kaduna State government.

On some occasions, the government plants reports in some media outlets that tend to promote banner captions such as: “Alert: Shiites Threaten Mass Revolt Nationwide” to insinuate that IMN is planning a revenge mission for the massive and brutal killings by the Nigerian army. There was one in the past that was so planted that alleged a plan to ‘hit back at the army and other symbols of authority.’ These fake news bits are only a ploy to start series of false flag operations, whereby attacks will be staged somewhere by the security forces themselves and these attacks will then be attributed to the Islamic Movement as the ‘revenge attacks’. Similar plots were exposed soon after the daylight cold-blooded murder of 34 members of IMN in 2014.

Some very ridiculous “intelligence reports” dished out by the security forces insinuated that IMN was planning a coalition with their (Security forces) own creation, the terrorist organization called Boko Haram. This laughable report indicated that due to the said so-called ‘strategic alliance with Boko Haram, attacks will be carried out on military formations and other government buildings. Clearly, the essence of this type of false flag call is to attack the Islamic Movement in the name of preventing their false claim.

Some other times, Security agents plan to carry out the false flag operations themselves, unleashing mayhem in some unmentioned cities in the country, in an attempt to give a dog a bad name in order to kill it. Thus when they say IMN will take retaliatory measures by attacking Military and Police installations and barracks, they mean that they will use false flag tactics to attack military and police formations across the country and attribute same to IMN.

Only recently we exposed some of the evil machinations being planned against the Movement by the National Security Adviser based on these spurious “intelligence.” One thing seems fairly certain however, that these stories and perhaps many more to follow are all geared towards the government’s desperate attempt at using these reports to nail the Movement.

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