Slideshow: Over 100 Faces of Victims of Mass extra judicial killings by Nigerian Army in Zaria

Mass extra judicial killings: 

On the anniversary of that fateful weekend of 12th to 14th December, 2015 when the Nigerian Army embarked on a premeditated killing spree at Zaria covering at least 3 locations, in which well over a thousand souls were killed by the Military overall, we present to you some of the faces of the victims (Over 100 in a slideshow).

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How the killings took place:

On that fateful weekend, the Nigerian Army started the killing spree at about 12:00 noon on Saturday, 12th December. As they shot without provocation, they also dragged the corpses along into large trucks waiting in the vicinity. Contrary to what they sold as the actual cause of opening fire, there was no Chief of Army Staff at that point. There was no road block and there was no procession or any program taking place at the time.


Chief of Army Staff was there to supervise and create an Alibi

Only a handful of mostly students taking lessons with their tutors and early arrivals for the flag changing event to have held by late evening were in Hussainiyyah at the time. The Chief of Army Staff arrived the scene of the event about three hours later at 3:20pm. That was when the alibi was acted and filmed with their agents performing.


Soon after that, they maintained a siege of Hussainiyyah for almost 20 hours, until in the early hours of Sunday 13th when they threw explosives inside the compound and forcefully made their way. In the process, they further killed scores including the injured in the earlier shooting, who were receiving first aid inside the complex. Again, they parked all the corpses and went away with them.

As soon as the soldiers arrived, they opened fire indiscriminately and as a result, casualty figures were mounting in geometric proportions. This went on throughout the night and well into Sunday late afternoon. By that time, well over a thousand people were killed. The whole of Gyellesu residence of the Sheikh and surrounding places were littered by heaps of corpses, as attempts at parking the corpses into military trucks by the soldiers could not match the rate of killing. On Monday morning, they came back and continued from where they stopped! That was when they killed the three sons of the Sheikh and also fatally shot both the Sheikh and the wife at pointblank range.

That same Saturday night, another contingent of the Military had proceeded to Darul Rahma burial ground belonging to the Islamic Movement, where scores who could not reach either the Gyellesu residence or the Hussainiyyah took refuge. Again, all the people there were killed in cold blood.



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  1. former COAS Gen. Bamayyi spent 10 in prison for allege attempted murder of late Alex Ibru but Nigerian Army under directive of Tukur Burutai extra- judicially killed 347 innocent shia muslims in Zaria as testified by Kaduna SSG at the JCI, sooner or later the perpetrators of Zaria massacre must be prosecuted before competent court of jurisdiction in Nigeria and ICC

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