A Christian Palestinian Activist, Hanan Ashrawi schools Christians on Trump’s Jerusalem faux pas

A renowned Christian Palestinian activist and negotiator, Hanan Ashrawi, has come out to educate Christians who sentimentally support Trump’s Jerusalem faux pas.

Speaking in a BBC program, she said the issue was not anything about what the bible said or what God ordained. According to her, “I don’t believe that God ordained that the World has to be unjust to the Palestinians.”

Stressing her roots, Ashrawi said I belong to the oldest Christian tradition in the World. We are the original Christians, we are the owners of the land, we are the people who’ve been here for centuries.”

A lot of misinformed Christians come out to support Israeli Zionism thinking that it represents Christianity or defends Christians. Most of these ignorant Christians think Palestinian struggle is a struggle between Arabs and Israel or between Islam and Christianity. Many of these uninformed bigots fail to see that, there are deep feelings among the Palestinians’ small Christian community as well, who are oppressed by Israel just as much as are the Muslims.

Watch the video program:

In another related development, the UK-based paper, Independent reports that, Donald Trump’s Jerusalem decision sees Palestinian Christians and Muslims united in outrage. It tells the story of a Christian man, coming out of the Sunday service in his Assyrian Catholic church in Jerusalem, Fredrick Hazo who accused Trump of “dragging all the world into trouble”, and called on the US leader to reverse his decision. “We are united – Christians, Muslims, we are one,” said the 59-year-old Palestinian Christian, standing in an alley in the heart of the Old City, surrounded by shops selling religious trinkets said.

The fact is that religious unity inside Jerusalem’s walls stand in contrast to the more divided voices outside, mostly from uninformed Christian bigots.

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