Seventy-five Hearty Boos For President Buhari at 75

He celebrates 75 years, we are celebrating 735 days in unconstitutional, illegal and contemptuous detention. celebrates 75 years, but unjustifiably & brutally terminated the lives of 1000+ The pains & anguish has put us through…


We boo Buhari because:

1. He has shown us that the rule of law is a myth.

2. He has redefined corruption and gave it a new perspective and narrative

3. He has repeatedly shown us that equality before the law is non existent

4. He promised Public declaration of assets and liabilities but reneged

5. He promised ban on all government officials from seeking medical care abroad, but he himself spent months abroad seeking care

6. He ordered the horrendous extrajudicial murder of citizens in Zaria, and pretended not to know anything about it

7. He attempted the extrajudicial murder and wiping out of the entire Zakzaky legacy

8. Having failed to kill Zakzaky but fatally wounded him and his wife, Buhari is holding them incommunicado without charges

9. Buhari has denied medical access to detained Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife, whom he wounded

10. Buhari has denied full legal access to detained Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife

11. Buhari attempted to cover the tracts of his involvement using the Presidential investigation panel by insisting on secret hearing

12. Buhari has failed to charge Sheikh Zakzaky to court if truly he believes he has a justification to detain him

13. Buhari has failed to comply with the Federal High Court judgement that declared the detention of Sheikh Zakzaky unconstitutional and ordered for his immediate release.

14. Buhari is yet to provide a decent accommodation to both Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife in Kaduna or any town of their choice in Northern Nigeria as ordered by the court.

15. Buhari is yet to pay N50m compensation to Sheikh Zakzaky as ordered by the court

16. Buhari burnt the elder sister of Sheikh Zakzaky alive

17. Buhari demolished the cemetery building housing Sheikh Zakzaky’s late mother – desecrating the place

18. Buhari even followed the late children of Sheikh Zakzaky to their resting place many kilometers away and desecrated their graves

19. Buhari razed to the ground all properties of Sheikh Zakzaky

20. Buhari further killed three sons of Sheikh Zakzaky before his eyes

21. Buhari burnt and buried in mass grave the remains of the three sons of Sheikh Zakzaky that he killed.

22. Buhari killed the nephew of Sheikh Zakzaky and buried in mass grave as well

23. Buhari justified the massacre during Presidential Media Chat

24. Buhari said Federal government will not investigate, but the state government should, but seeing the plots exposed at the state inquiry, he set up the Presidential panel.

25. Buhari promised to act “shortly” on the Zaria massacre report last year, but has failed to utter anything more than a year after

26. Buhari let the cat out of the bag that he indeed ordered the clampdown on Shi’ah in Nigeria while talking to a foreign satellite channel in Qatar during a state visit

27. Buhari never hid the fact that he was waging a “Jihad” for Sunni Muslims against “Shi’ah”

28. Buhari along with all those who supported the attacks in Zaria went to Saudi Arabia to celebrate, and were in Ka’abah in Mecca where the Saudis opened the doors of the sacred place for him to honour him for the blood he shed.

29. Buhari invited the Saudis for yet another victory parade to this country in Abuja with him in attendance

30. Buhari wanted to smuggle Nigeria into a suspicious so-called military alliance on terror with Saudi Arabia

31. Buhari made a speech on New Year day this year calling on what he called his “brothers of Shi’ah community” to embrace peace but has continued to systematically suppress them and continued to disobey court to release Sheikh Zakzaky

32. Buhari has full knowledge of the mass graves they buried their victims in but has not reacted even after their disclosures by Amnesty and confessions by people

33. Buhari was indeed in Kaduna on the 12th December, 2015 to effectively supervise the project “Wipeout Zakzaky and legacy”

34. A few weeks to the date, Buhari sought to incite IMN, so that they could use it as an alibi to execute their devilish plot

35. Bombs were serially detonated in Potiskum in the name of Boko Haram on members of the IMN, with the hope that they will be sufficiently incited

36. Some other bombs were detonated on peaceful marchers on Arba’een Trek from Kano to Zaria, again in the name of Boko Haram to see if that would incite IMN to violence

37. Members of the Movement were again attacked a week before the massacre and a day before in a little village close to Zaria to see if they could be incited sufficient enough to launch the attacks

38. When all provocative attacks to incite violence failed, Buhari sent soldiers to Hussainiyyah centre at midday to shoot in a way that perhaps IMN may react

39. When there was no reaction they expected, Buhari (in Kaduna) ordered Burutai (who was to come for supervision of the Clampdown) to get to the site with thugs to pretend it was members of the Movement, film it and go ahead with their project.

40. Buhari extended the attacks beyond the site of the alleged “traffic offence” of blocking the COAS to places far off in Zaria and in fact in Kaduna and the country at large

41. Buhari has continued to persecute the members of the Islamic Movement everywhere they are in the Country

42. Buhari alleged that youths touched the Chest of a General and they must be crushed! Reviewing the video, it was the General that was pushing the youth!

43. Buhari alleged that the Islamic Movement constituted a “state within a state” without putting up any proof whatsoever

44. Buhari objected to the idea that even police to investigate the military, but it has to be the other way round he said. Consequently, as far as Buhari is concerned, bloody civilians, even judges can’t investigate the military. He has not obeyed any court order!

45. Overall, Buhari killed over a thousand citizens of the country without recourse to law

46. Buhari is also keeping many hundred other citizens in detention incommunicado and without charges

47. Buhari’s government is claiming they are holding Sheikh Zakzaky in protective custody, when they would not allow him to talk to the public and his supporters

48. Buhari has lied to Nigerians that Three million Jobs per year will be created by him. On the other hand, people are losing their jobs and those who retain their jobs are not being regularly paid

49. Buhari lied to Nigerians that he will provide allowances to the discharged but unemployed Youth Corps members for Twelve (12) months while in the skills and entrepreneurial development programme.

50. Buhari lied to Nigerians about the revival of Ajaokuta steel company. It is as dead as ever

51. Buhari promised Nigerians that he will establish a conflict resolution commission to help prevent, mitigate and resolve civil conflicts within the polity. He has only created many more conflicts

52. Buhari claimed he “technically defeated” Boko Haram, but now gets $1b to fight a defeated group!

53. Buhari has shown us that governance is all about blaming your successor for every bad turn

54. Buhari has demonstrated that ethnic political interest supersedes national political interest

55. Buhari has shown us that propaganda and photo operations is the key to political success

56. Buhari killed other people’s children and loves to play with his

57. Buhari trains his children in the choicest schools but killed or arrested many students thereby denying them education.

58. Buhari is yet to account for an undisclosed sum he used to fix his health in London

59. Buhari will rather visit his cows in Daura than sympathise with the hundreds being killed in his reighn

60. Buhari lied to Nigerians about his age. If he was born the day he said he was, then his certificate affidavit is a lie he made under oath.

61. Buharis second shot at the Presidency is additionally associated with so much bloodshed and hardship as his first was with poverty and hunger

62. Buhari deceived Nigerians about security. He calls it his greatest achievement but insecurity persists, not only in the Northeast but across the states.

63. Buhari is the Minister of Petroleum resources and yet there is scarcity of the commodity in spite of the hike in prices since the inception of his regime

64. Buhari is fantastically corrupt and presents himself as a Saint

65. Buhari shields his corrupt appointees from any public missiles’ but throws venomous missiles at innocent people, even without recourse to law

66. Buhari at Chatham House said he was a reformed democrat. Thus far, what we saw is an unrepentant tyrant

67. Buhari promised us “Change”. What we got thus far is best described as “Chains”.

68. Buhari’s only campaign promise he kept was the 2011 promise to massacre (halakasu) those he is opposed with. Now as President, he has just been doing so.

69. Buhari is the President who has recovered so much loot that he has to take a foreign loan to fund his budget.


Buhari intimidates judiciary through members of the president’s cabinet approaching judges seeking to influence the course of judges. When they refuse or grant bail to someone government doesn’t like, the judge could be raided and blackmailed.

71. Buhari’s manhandling of allegations of corruption involving his associates is legendary hypocrisy in government.

72. Buhari has fraudulently denied what he called ‘My Covenant with Nigeria’

used to get elected into office

73. Buhari appears to be working for some other countries. Apart from his incessant trips and staying more than a third of his time in a year abroad, he appears to make major government policy announcement only when he is abroad.

74. Buhari shows he has no liver whenever the topic of the excesses of his military colleagues are in focus, from Danbazzau to Burutai.

75. Buhari is quick to condemn natural and artificial disasters in foreign land but remains mute and disconnected when such occur here.

On a final note, may he live long enough to face charges at the ICC at The Hague for all his crimes against humanity.

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