The Pariah Governor of the year: Ex-Rufai of Kaduna State

The unenviable title of the Pariah Governor of the year 2017 goes to Mr Ex-Rufai (alias Bamaso, DanTsurut, Kereku) of Kaduna State. This is for his consistent disconnect with the electorates. He is stoned or booed and on ocassions both, whenever he ventures into any public place where the masses are.

His stack record can be seen here:

Fully Decorated Governor:

Last year, he was decorated as the worst Governor.

Governor most at war with everyone:

The governor is apparently at war with virtually all citizens of the state. Starting from his own constituency, the politicians, no senator is in his camp and that goes down to his party hierarchy. He is at war with religious groups, having collaborated with Buhari and the Military to kill over a thousand persons and bury in mass graves and purportedly banned the Islamic Movement. Of course, there was also an infamous bill to regulate preaching in the state.

Elrufai is also at war with traditional institutions as well, having removed many across the state. He is not at peace with communities as well. His disagreement with South Kaduna people for instance, which led to a mass protest by women of the region leading to vandalization of his official vehicles is a case in point.

Governor most at war with workers:

Perhaps his greatest undoing was with the workers in Kaduna state. At the moment, he has been busy disengaging over 20,000 workers from all sectors. His war with teachers is a celebrated one.

Governor with a track record of failure:

Starting from his name, ELRUFAI which we understand is a reshuffle of the word FAILURE, it is obvious why he has not been able to accomplish anything for the state.

From the Zaria waterworks to school feeding program he undertook, none was successful. He had to abandon them. Not even a minor project such as construction of drainages, usually undertaken by counsellors, could he execute to conclusion.

Governor against the masses:

Elrufai’s most popular nickname among the masses is Mai Rusau (Destroyer)! That is what he does more than construct. The masses have only one way of responding, and that is to boo him or stone him. From Kudan to Panteka, and now even in worship places.

Even when he appears to be honoured n places outside the state, the masses follow him to appropriately label him as the Pariah Governor 2017.

TEDx Shame!



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