Members of Islamic Movement in Nigeria Send Churches Ecstatic With Jesus Song on Christmas Day [Video]

Hundreds of members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria who joined Christians in some churches today 25th December, 2017 for Christmas celebrations sent worshippers ecstatic as they sang songs in praise of Jesus, extolling his qualities.

The churches visited were ECWA Gospel, Marafa Kaduna and the Christ Evangelical and Life Intercessory Ministry, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna.

The song was about the mission of Jesus, his qualities and his expected return to team up with the Muslim Awaited Mahdi for a Divine mission of filling the earth with justice as it is presently filled with corruption, oppression and tyranny.

The worshippers in both churches went wild in jubilation as the song reaped the air. Watch here:

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  1. Nice and lovely sweet and beautifully. This is what called as humanity if you’re not brothers in faith but indeed we’re brothers in humanity. Keep it up please.


  2. Nice and lovely sweet and beautifully. This is what we called as humanity if you’re not brothers in faith but indeed we’re brothers in humanity. Keep it up please.


  3. This interaction and genuine non-coerced interface enhances greater understanding that misunderstanding has sewn over the years. It destroys negative fundamentalism. The seedbed of peace is trust and visits


  4. I so much pray it is not a ploy to trap Christians and later slaughter them like ileya ram.
    If truly they have truly embraced Christian faith just like that, then Christians must receive this solid signal that the end is very very close and we must turn away from not just our sins, but remove denominations and all antics and Church practices that divides us. Let’s remember that Jesus is coming to take his Church away without blemiss or wrinkles.
    God is about to “pour out His spirit upon all flesh” including those Moslems who surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ and those in Celestial church, C&S, Deeper Life, Apostolic, Baptist, Methodist, Anglican, Presbyterian, Redeemed, MFM, including Catholics and all Pentecostal movements.
    By then, the true worship of God will be instituted by the Holy Spirit without any discrimination.
    Now is the time to break the walls of denominations, envy and discrimination.


    • Thanks for your comments.
      It is not that Muslims embraced the faith of Christians or the Christians should embrace the faith of Islam.

      The point is both are united in humanity and can peacefully co-exist. There should not be compulsion in religion.
      If you go through the message we issued and read in churches, perhaps you will have a better insight.
      Thank you once again.


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