A Father’s Tribute to His Martyred Daughter, killed by Buhari Police in Kano

This is the 40th day tribute to Martyr Husseina Dauda Nalado, the beloved daughter of Engr (Dr) Dauda Nalado:

By Dr. Dauda Nalado

Our martyr our hero

Though you are not with us physically
We are in union spiritually

Though we mourn your sudden demise, we congratulate you as noble martyr

Though some depict you as dead, nay you are living in the kingdom of God

You have answered the great proclamation of the Prophet’s progeny
The proclamation of Husain who declared
Any helper to come to air aid?

You exhibited that you adhere to a noble course
That one of Abulfadlil Abbas, the fore vanguard of Husain.

You proved to be among the vanguards of arbaeen. The peaceful symbolic trek in solidarity with the oppressed.

You proved to be vanguard of the revolution of Husain. The revolution of Khomeini. The revolution of El-Zakzaky.

Yours was a struggle. A struggle to attain the pleasure of God. A struggle to uproot tyranny. A struggle to uproot injustice.

The tyrants certainly fight the upright course. The course you sacrificed your life for.

They forgot God. God made them to forget who they are. They vie for 2019.They want 4+4. They wear stars on their shoulders. Their hands are stained with the blood of the innocent.

They dance to the tune of their overlords. The imperialists in white house and Downing street. The Zionists in Tel Aviv. The descendants of najdi pirates in Riyadh.

They blatantly refuse to release the lion of Africa the refuge of the oppressed. The reformer of our times. Even as against the rule of the land.

Even as against the common sense. Even as against the court order. Even as against the interest of peace and prosperity in the land. They surely serve the foreign agenda.

Curse and damnation of God be unto them. Let them go against each other. Let their whims and caprices be thwarted. Their similitude is that of Saddam Tikriti.

Oh our Lord!The Creator of might. The destroyer of tyrrants. Accept the martyrdom of our heroes. Establish them in the exalted position.

Oh our Lord! Make us steadfast in the course. That which Husaina and other martyrs laid their precious life for.

Oh our Lord! Hasten the freedom of our guide, our guardian, the Mujaddid. Free him from the chains of World arrogance. Free Zakzaky.


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2 Thoughts to “A Father’s Tribute to His Martyred Daughter, killed by Buhari Police in Kano”

  1. Sofia

    So sad how can anyone kill a innocent girl may Allah swt destroy her killers. Justice should be done. For her family..

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