Buhari is a Joke! Moribund Govt Appoints Ghosts as Board Members

The moribund government of President Muhammadu Buhari has drawn for itself public scorn and derision when it belatedly announced names of persons, (or so it thought) into Boards of Federal Parastatals and it emerged that dead people made the list.


Keen observers aren’t surprised, seeing that the President’s age, much downplayed, is associated with Alzheimer disease, a situation associated with dementia, problems with memory, thinking and behaviour. Then there is also the family tragedy that befell him only a few days back, when he had to have a stint of what he made thousand others feel – traumatic and near fatal injuries to a very dear one. He blamed the security officers, the very ones he used to prematurely terminate the lives of dear ones of several hundreds of citizens without remorse, for his woes.

There is little wonder that this particular memory loss at this point in time is associated with “death theme” and therefore in appointing 209 board chairmen and 1,258 board members, the dead were also included, even those he had previously sent condolences to their bereaved families.

It was not a case of a single mistake. There were at least 3 dead among the list including Reverend Christopher Utov, appointed member of the Nigerian Institute of Social and Economic Research, who died in March of 2017. Francis Okpozo, who was a second republic senator and a former member of the APC Board of Trustees, was appointed board chairman of the Nigerian Press Council, although he died about exactly one year earlier. President Buhari commiserated with the government and people of Delta State following his death at 81, on Wednesday, December 28, 2016. His family had received a condolence letter from Buhari, but a year later, Buhari has called on them to accept his appointment letter! Another was Chief Donald Ugbaja who was appointed member of the Consumer Protection Council (CPC) but died on the 29th of November, 2017. He too made the list of the dead appointed by Buhari.

It is not clear whether it is the moribund government that wants to resurrect them to serve Buhari or it is the moribund government going to join them in the world beyond to deliver their appointment letters. Very soon some clowns will surface to try to explain “how.”

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