Sheikh Zakzaky’s Health Situation: International Body Of Physicians Ready To Intervene

An International Body of Physicians has indicated its readiness to come in for the treatment of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, whose health status nosedived for the worse in illegal detention of President Buhari this week. In a letter written to the International President of Doctors Without Boarders, Hon. Ms. Dr. Joanne Liu, seeking the body to facilitate the intervention, the International Charity Foundation of Muslim Physicians, said it is prepared to treat the ailing Sheikh as part of its humanitarian mission globally.

Read the letter below:


Hon. Ms. Dr. Joanne Liu

International President of Doctors Without Borders

Please accept our greetings and best compliments.

On behalf of International Charity Foundation of Muslim Physicians, I would like to draw your kind attention to the recent worrying news on the deterioration of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky’s health. Sheikh Zakzaky is a popular cleric and the leader of Shiites in Nigeria.

According to the news, he has found difficulties in talking and parts of his body have been disabled. One of the doctors who has accessed Sheikh Zakzaky says that he is likely to have had a stroke in his house arrest.

Also, members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria, led by Sheikh Zakzaky, issued a statement declaring that Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky’s hand and one eye have ceased to function; and due to lack of medical care, the other eye of Sheikh is weakened.

It should be noted that the Nigerian Shiite leader and his wife have been illegally detained for over two years in a barbaric manner after the attack by the Nigerian army and their massive massacre of Shia Muslims.

Meanwhile, the Nigerian Supreme Court has issued a ruling on the release of the Sheikh, but the Nigerian government still refuses to release them.

Given the state of emergency of this renowned cleric and the necessity for his urgent treatment, we hereby appeal to your esteemed organization to take immediate steps to contact the Government of Nigeria and to provide conditions for the release and treatment of Sheikh Zakzaky.

Taking into consideration its humanitarian mission, the International Charity Foundation of Muslim Physicians is prepared to send a delegation to Nigeria for treatment of Sheikh Zakzaky as soon as the grounds are prepared for this purpose.

Obviously, the responsibility of any threat to the health of this prominent Muslim cleric will initially be on the shoulders of the Nigerian government.

Your kind urgent response and informing us of the results of your taken measures will be highly appreciated.

Sincerely Yours;

Dr. Mohammad Hossein Niknam


International Charity Foundation of Muslim Physicians

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