Free Zakzaky Procession Enters Third Consecutive Day In Abuja, Police Again Shoot Tear Gas

For the 3rd day running, Abuja is witnessing a momentous Free Zakzaky procession to demand the immediate release of the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, being held illegally by the Buhari government even as his health condition is fast deteriorating in detention.

A Federal High Court in Abuja had ruled that his detention is unconstitutional and a breach of his fundamental rights more than a year ago, but the tyrannical regime of Muhammadu Buhari has defiantly kept the ailing Sheikh.

News of his deteriorating health situation filtered at the weekend which sparked a renewed wave of protests for his freedom worldwide. In Nigeria, protests have held across various towns, sometimes more than once in a day, including night protests. In Kaduna, policemen opened fire on the peaceful protests, killing two and wounding scores. Similarly in Abuja yesterday, policemen used live ammunition to stop the procession, injuring quite a number, including Sheikh Qasim Umar Sokoto who was shot at the right thigh. A journalist was bartered with clubs and sticks until his arm was broken by the police.

Thus far today, the procession is ongoing peacefully as planned but police has started shooting teargas again. Reports that hoodlums have been commissioned by authorities to foment trouble and burn tyres and properties in the course of the procession to give it a semblance of violence was intercepted, and the organizers have called for extra vigilance to forestall any hijack of the procession by such agents of the state. Today’s procession is being attended by key activists from various groups in the country.

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