Glorious Exit For Abuja Martyr Killed By Buhari Police Force, As He Was Laid To Rest

Several hundreds of people attended the funeral ceremony of Martyr Ibrahim Gashua, killed by the beastly Buhari Police force in Abuja some days back while peacefully embarking on Free Zakzaky protest.

The funeral ceremony took place in his Gashua hometown, with so many faithfuls, supporters and sympathizers of the Islamic Movement as well as friends and well-wishers with glowing tributes and a hero’s exit.

The deserving glorious exit was for a good and exemplary life of worship and devotion, for which he had been identified with, as well as an unwavering faith and support for Sheikh Zakzaky and his cause.

His path to martyrdom was tressed from when he was spotted unarmed in the procession, through when police shot him to his eventual exit to martyrdom.

His funeral was a well deserved exit, full of glory and tributes.

Watch as he was escorted to his resting place


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