How Police Tortured Protesters In Abuja, Some To Death

So much has either been said or written about the storm of fury with which the Buhari Police Force tried to forcibly quell the perfectly legitimate Free Zakzaky protests for five consecutive days in a row, but what has been less reported or talked about is the extent of savagery exhibited by the Buhari Police while torturing members of the Islamic Movement they captured in the name of arrests.

For some, the torture commenced right from the process of the arrest, when people were beaten with sticks and clubs as others were kicking the helpless people who weren’t armed at all.

In one instance, where a group of six were meted that wicked treatment, they broke them into pieces, and only of of the six escaped with a broken arm.

The whereabouts of the other five remains a mystery as the police went along with them. Some that have been missing since the protests like Malam Awwal Kano might have been one of such.

Some group of women after such arrest, they were thoroughly beaten, tortured and molested. Then they were handed over to the military, who after some more rounds of torture, threatened to include them to those being detained for being Boko Haram suspects, except if they bail themselves with N20,000 each. They secured their release after parting with N10,000 each.

Testimonies of several others indicate that as the policemen took them in their trucks to their detention places, it was torture all the way using snippets, boots, sticks, clubs and butt of their guns. The lucky ones among them escaped with varying degrees of injuries such as contusions, bruises, broken limbs and skull fractures. The not so lucky ones gave the ghost, some even before they reached the detention facilities. Nobody knows what they did to the corpses of the later category. A few of the lucky survivors can be seen here:

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One Thought to “How Police Tortured Protesters In Abuja, Some To Death”

  1. Abou Ali

    Brutality is the response of an illegitimate regime when faced with popular protests & demands. The Islamic Movement in Nigeria is showing the Nigerian people the way to reclaim their country from the dictatorship of the oligarchs.

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