We’re not placated by Sheikh Zakzaky’s video clip – Islamic movement

We’re not placated by Sheikh Zakzaky’s video clip - Islamic movement

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria said the video clip of its illegally incarcerated ailing leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky failed short of its expectations of his unconditional release from custody as ordered by a Federal High Court Abuja.

“This limited view and voice of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, speaking live in the short video clip in the over two years of his illegal detention may seem very pleasant but falls very short of expectations of his total and unconditional freedom as ordered by the Federal High Court Abuja,” president of the movement’s media forum Ibrahim Musa, said in a statement on Sunday.

The ailing scholar was “allowed” to speak to a select section of the media on Saturday, January 13, 2018 for the first time since his illegal detention.

That followed recent wave of incessant but peaceful street actions calling for his immediate and unconditional release all over the country as well as globally following reports of his deteriorating health condition in detention, the movement said.

“We are not unmindful of the fact that Sheikh Zakzaky has not committed any crime, and his detention under whatever guise and pretence has been ruled by a competent court in our land as unconstitutional and a breach of his fundamental rights,” the statement said.

It said: “There is therefore no justification whatsoever to be satisfied by a few seconds of video clip of an illegally incarcerated Sheikh. It is absolutely a matter of complete freedom that he deserves or nothing at all for the Sheikh in our view. Only a truly free Zakzaky will suffice as ordered by the Federal High Court.

“It is only a free Zakzaky that can determine, without waiting for permission from anyone or security agents, where and when to seek medical attention and from whom,” the Islamic movement said.

The movement said “were the Sheikh truly free, he wouldn’t have to be denied access to his personal doctors or have to need special permission to be granted by security agents to see his personal physicians.

“A truly free Zakzaky will not have to be ‘granted permission’ by anyone to give a press interview, let alone limit it to a select section of the press. A truly free Zakzaky would not be limited in what questions to address too.”

The movement said “credible and dependable sources have it that the arranged interview by the security men was made to appear as impromptu, but our Leader, Sheikh Zakzaky granted a much longer interview and addressed far more issues than was released.”

The movement further queried: “What did he say about his continuing detention? What did he say about his similarly incarcerated wife and her own ill health? What did he say about the legal tussle or even how the whole saga began in the first place? What did he say about the destruction of his properties, the desecration of his mother’s and children’s graves? What did he have to say about the killing of his elder sister, a nephew, three sons and over a thousand of his disciples?

“What was his reaction to the mass grave at Mando, which the security did their utmost best to conceal?Why did he opt to challenge his supposed ‘protective custody’ in court when the authorities are telling the world that it was of his own volition? Why did he reject going to Kaduna state constituted Judicial Commission of Inquiry but submitted a memo to Osinbajo Panel of Investigation, only to refuse giving testimony in secret? The questions are nearly endless.”

The Islamic movement also challenged the security forces to either release to the public the full unedited interview, or allow an open live free interview with no restrictions.

“Undoubtedly, the Islamic Movement is not impressed with this, and certainly is not fooled by the antics of the Buhari security agencies. We are not placated by Sheikh Zakzaky’s short and edited video clip,” it said.

The movement added that its “local and global Free Zakzaky campaigns will most certainly continue. Our goal is not to see Sheikh Zakzaky in a controlled press clip but our goal is the unconditional freedom of sheikh Zakzaky and his wife as ordered by a competent Nigerian Court. Nothing short of that will suffice.”

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