All Is Set For Tomorrow’s Start Of Daily Sit Out In Abuja

All has been set for the daily #FreeZakzaky Sit-Out in Abuja, expected to last for about three weeks, to draw attention to the deteriorating health status of Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and demand an end to the incessant killing of Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

The daily sit-out is expected to commence tomorrow, Wednesday 17th January, 2018 at Unity Fountain by 9:00am daily, according to the alliance of joint organizers. It is expected that a press statement later today will outline how the sit out is planned to be conducted in a peaceful and orderly manner.

A large turn out is expected at the venue drawing people from human rights groups, people of conscience, activists, friends and sympathizers of the Islamic Movement. World and local press is also expected to give coverage to the unprecedented event. Also expected as observers are representatives of diplomatic missions and other world bodies such as USAID, DFID, International Committee of Red Cross and Crescent among many others.

We first broke the news of the sit out in Abuja some five days ago.

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