A top Wahabi Cleric, Giro has again bragged that President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria, is their member, whom they installed.

He was captured on video speaking at an undisclosed location to one undisclosed Chief or Emir on an unspecified date.

He said, “Nigerian President knows it, he is with us. He belongs to our group.” The Cleric went on to explain how through their network of “over a million mosques” and “uncountable schools” and utilizing their local troops called ‘Yan Agaji, whom he said are ” more numerous and better than Nigerian Police,” they are able to change any government and install the ones that they want.

The Wahabi man took pride in saying that it was their group that removed the defeated President and installed the Present President, when the later sought their assistance.

Watch him say it all here:

It will be recalled that the same cleric was the one we told you said they had secret pact with the President around the period of the President’s official visit to Iran. That on return, he told them that they would soon see he will deal a severe blow on the Shiites. What followed was the severe brutal massacre embarked by President Buhari on members of the Islamic Movement.

Similarly, we reported how the current wave of attacks by the government was preceded by a curious visit by top Wahabi clerics to both President Buhari and the police chief.