Prayers Held Worldwide For Illegally Detained Nigeria Islamic Movement Leader

Millions of people in mosques all over the world have prayed again this Friday for the health and prompt release of the detained leader of Nigeria’s Islamic Movement.

Sheikh Ibrahim el-Zakzaky recently suffered a stroke aggravating an already poor condition caused when he was shot during a military attack on his movement two years ago.

Supplications have been made again be at Friday prayers in Sunni and Shia mosques in the UK and countries all over Europe, the US, the Middle East and Africa, Iran, Turkey Pakistan, India, Indonesia and Malaysia amongst other places.

The stroke has raised existing concerns over the health of Sheikh Zakzaky who was shot during a military assault against the IMN in December 2015 in which he lost the use of an arm and one eye.

Since the attack Sheikh Zakzaky has been in the custody of Nigeria’s domestic intelligence agency (DSS), detained without charge in violation of a High Court order ordering his release.

The immediate requirement is for him to be assessed by specialists in order to diagnose the extent of his injuries.

The Islamic Movement of Nigeria says it is overwhelmed by the tremendous support the sheikh has received from all over the world.

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