Daily Sit Out: Sisters Forum Get Their Day Monday January 22

Monday January 22nd, 2018 has been set aside at the daily free Zakzaky sit out campaign to highlight the plight of Muslim Sisters who were victims of the Zaria massacre and the extraordinary contributions and sacrifices made by Sisters in carrying the banner of free Zakzaky since that brutal attacks.

Sisters were particularly affected in more ways than any other group. They were victims themselves as martyrs and as victims of enforced disappearances. Additionally, they suffered as wives of victims, as mothers of victims as well as sisters and other relations of victims.

For quite a number of these sisters, they suffered multiply, having lost their husband and children and additionally having been shot and arbitrarily arrested and detained. Some were pregnant and were made to lose their pregnancies. Some were molested and abused before being shot. In fact, some had deliberate mutilation of their genitals and reproductive organs.

Please join us tomorrow to specially honour all the female victims of the Zaria massacre at the daily sit out at the Unity Fountain, Abuja by 9:00am prompt.

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