Sheikh Zakzaky Case: Appeal Court Frowns At Contempt Of Court By FG

Today the Federal Appeal Court sitting in Abuja in the appeal filed by the Federal government against the judgement of Justice Kolawole of the Federal High Court Abuja, frowned at how the government disobeyed the judgement of the lower court.

When responding to the application by the government’s lawyer for an extension of time to file his response to the counter affidavit filed by the Sheikh’s lawyers drawing the attention of the appeal court that the judgement has not being complied with, the three Judges hearing the appeal sought to know why the judgement by the High Court was yet to be complied with, the government lawyer had no answer.

Mr. Falana SAN for the Sheikh, informed the court that he was informed by Mr Ghazali the principal lawyer standing for the Attorney General of the Federation that not even after the appeal court rules in favour of the release of Sheikh Zakzaky would the government release him. He further informed the court that earlier the AGF had similarly told the world similar thing in an interview with the BBC Hausa service. He therefore opposed any extension of time, saying that the appeal ought to dismiss the appeal and order the government to first obey the lower court judgement. According to him, how does the government expect to be heard by the court when they disobey the same court judgement?

Agreeing with Falana, all three judges unanimously said they will not condone disobedience of court judgements in any way.

The government lawyer was therefore given three days within which to file his reply.

It is expected that when the reply is filed, a new date will be taken for the appeal proper.


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