Sisters Move Audience To Tears At Daily Free Zakzaky Sit Out

Today, the Daily Free Zakzaky Sit Out campaign attendees at the Unity Fountains were moved to profuse tears when Muslim sisters took the stage narrating their harrowing experiences during the daily December 12-14, 2015 Zaria massacre.

Among the sisters that narrated their stories were one sister Ruqayyah from Giwa, a young girl in her early twenties, who narrated how she lost her husband. There was also Sister Amina, the wife of Dr. Mustapha Saaed, a very senior medical practitioner, whom she lost along with three other children. As she narrated how all four in the family were lost, while posters with their pictures were raised for the audience to see, many in the audience could not keep tears from rolling down their cheeks. Their brief life stories were also narrated.

Similarly, sister Zainab, wife to a respected Brother, whom everyone called “uncle” in the Movement told of how he was shot by the rampaging soldiers that eventful day. She also narrated a very horrifying experience she faced at the Hussainiyyah on that day. “I was in Hussainiyyah when the soldiers first arrived and stationed themselves in front of the fuel station opposite the Hussainiyyah,” she recounted. “They came with very large trucks and some boxes of extra ammunition. When they started shooting, we all scamperred for safety into the Hussainiyyah,” she explained. According to her, since that time (which was around mid noon), the soldiers never left the scene until the next day when they broke into the complex and started shooting indiscriminately at anything they saw moving. “Even the injured were not spared, as long as you moved!” She further narrated how much earlier, the soldiers came with some hoodlums in buses with sticks, matchets, bows and arrows and started openly displaying them as the military filmed it. That was what they showed as us preventing their Army Chief.

She said she had to pretend she was dead to survive as she laid quietely among the corpses. It was from there she said she saw how the soldiers were removing the Hijab of some sisters and molesting them before they end up shooting them. “It was a horrific scene,” she added. When they came to pack the corpses, they realise some of us were still alive, so they took us to the military barracks and said we were Boko Haram people. “That was when we openly protested that we are not Boko Haram members, “if you want to kill us, just kill us, but we are never Boko Haram, we told them.”

Sister Zainab further added that “they rained abuses and insults on us.” As they took us to Kaduna, they chanted several anti-Shi’ah sologans and also kept saying they had killed our Sheikh. We were also tortured in captivity, she recalled as the audience couldn’t hold back tears.

In his remarks, the Convener of the Sit Out, Prince Deji, reiterated the purpose of the Sit out. He said it was good to use the opportunity of the event to showcase the level of persecution members of the Islamic Movement went through and are being put through. “This has to be done in an orderly manner in such a way that people will listen and sympathize with you, and indeed come to join us in demanding for justice for you,” he said.

On the side of the Islamic Movement, Malam Abubakar Nuhu Talatar Mafara explained that members of the Islamic Movement would not relent in demanding for a free Zakzaky and also justice be done to everyone wronged. He however, reiterated that “we will do that in an orderly manner, the way our leader taught us.” They want us to leave what our leader taught us, and embrace their animalistic ways of violence, so that they could finish us off, he added. In that wise, they have failed woefully.

Similar call for order was sounded by malam Abbare Gombe, who also closed the session with prayers.


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