They Lost Their Lives Telling The World The Truth About Zaria Massacre

Today Thursday 1st February, 2018 was set aside for the journalist members of the Islamic Movement, otherwise called Media Forum, to tell the world how they were affected by the brutal attacks by the Nigerian soldiers in Zaria in December, 2018.

Speaking at the occasion, the National Secretary Media forum in his narration said these people who gave their lives to tell us the true narratives of the Zaria massacre are indeed great heroes who deserve our praises and appreciation.”But for them, the world would have not known the actual thing that happened, ” he said.

Commenting further on that, Dr Shuaibu narrated how everyone became a media member, with nothing but his phone. “Using nothing more than their phone cameras, they recorded every details and sent it out to us before they were shot.” He later gave a brief history of the head of the Media Forum, Martyr Ibrahim Usman, whom he described as a perfect gentleman who gave his all to this cause. He prayed that God to accept their martyrdom and grant them Jannah.

The occasion was well attended by many practicing journalists.

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