A Martyr’s Parting Words

During the last moment of a Martyr’s life in Hussainiyah on December 12, 2015 in Zaria after Buharian Military shot him, his parting words were special greetings to the Prophet (S) and affirmation of the Unity of God.

Listen here as he barely had the strength to utter the words as he breathed his last and the medical team battle to treat him in a make shift clinic as soldiers obstructed access to medical care after bluntly opening fire on unarmed men and women in Hussainiyyah.

Meanwhile, one could here in the background shouts of Kalimatullah, the takbirats as people resigned to faith with wild soldiers on the prowl just outside. Many of the medical team members in the video and those saying the takbirats were eventually killed in cold blood eventually by the rampaging soldiers.


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