Mosques Committees Gang Up Against Islamic Movement In Abuja, Write Buhari

In what appears to be a renewed attempts at attacking the Islamic Movement in Nigeria in the Capital city, Reflection-online has reliably learnt that a group of Muslim Clerics representing committees of various major mosques in Abuja have written a letter of complaints to President Muhammadu Buhari against the activities of members of the Movement in Abuja.

According to the report, the clerics have told the President to come to their aid in dealing with Shiah (as they often call members of the Islamic Movement). “They are taking over our mosques,” the claimed. The report further said that members of the Movement have been marching in every neighborhood constituting themselves into a nuisance in those areas.

It will be recalled that Islamic movement members have been conducting peaceful free Zakzaky processions for weeks now without any major incident, until yesterday when police threw tear gas to disperse the marchers.

It was learnt that the president had minuted the clerics’ letter to the Inspector General of Police who in turn must have instructed his field commanders to resume the clamp down as witnessed yesterday.

Only two days ago, the Islamic Movement sued the Inspector General of Police, the Abuja Police Commissioner and the Attorney General of the Federation at the Federal High Court Abuja, seeking the enforcement of their fundamental rights, including rights to assemble and protest peacefully and freedom of religion and conscience.


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One Thought to “Mosques Committees Gang Up Against Islamic Movement In Abuja, Write Buhari”

  1. Alhuda

    These mosque comittee members are senseless and indeed enemies of humanity and Islam, instead of calling on the President to release Sheikh Zakzaky and let peace reign in Abuja, they choose to be myopic about the plight of their fellow muslim. What kind of religion are they claiming to follow in those mosques. I am sure They knows very well that Islam is the religion of justice for all not a religion for hypocrites who are calling on government to opress fellow citizens. Perhaps one day the govt will harass them too.

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