I Admonish You To Orderly Conduct In Your Affairs, We Are Not A Crowd – Shaikh Zakzaky Advices

Members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have been advised to heed to the admonition of Imam Ali (AS) to fear Allah and conduct all their affairs in an orderly manner. This advise was given by the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria while commenting on the news that enemy forces have infiltrated the rank and file of the Movement to cause chaos. “We are not a crowd” he said.

The Sheikh said ” let no one say he will do whatever he likes or be recalcitrant when told this is how things are to be done.” According to the Sheikh, “we will then assume he is among those sent to disrupt our activities.”

“We’ve been instructed by Amirul Mumeeneen to do all our affairs in an orderly manner. And this we must conform. It is very important that we take that advice,” the Sheikh emphasized.

He further explained, “we are not street people, and our activities are not accidentally planned on the streets. Our affairs are well designed, well organized and well established.”

You can listen first hand here:

This has become very necessary in view of the way security agents have been trying to portray the Islamic Movement as a bunch of chaotic people who are prone to violence or terrorism by similarly infiltrating our peaceful and orderly activities to incite violence in order to attribute that to the Movement.

On a number of occasions, the Islamic Movement has had to issue disclaimers to the effect that it would not be responsible should such security implants within the Movement do something violent because the Islamic Movement has been known for its orderly and peaceful conduct for the over four decades of its existence.

It has been the dream of the Nigerian authorities and their security agencies to try their utmost to see that the Movement is labelled “violent” or “terrorist” through the activities of their agents from within. It will be recalled that they used such agents to wield assorted dangerous weapons in front of Hussainiyyah at the start of the Zaria massacre as they videotaped it and claimed it was members of the Movement who blocked the path of the Chief of Army Staff. Again, since the brutal massacre, they have been saying that members of the Movement “are more dangerous than Boko Haram,” even as there are no evidence to back their claims. In a similar way, the Governor of Kaduna had similarly labelled the members of the Movement as “insurgents” without proofs.

It is in the desperate search for what to present as proofs that they send their agents and fund them to cause commotion and chaos within the Movement. Their utterances and actions negate the orderly conduct of the well established conduct of our activities as explained by our leader, Sheikh Zakzaky. They would not confuse us even if they chant “Free Zakzaky” a million times, as long as their activities aren’t in conformity with the admonition of the leader, Sheikh Zakzaky.

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