It was Martyrs’ Day At The Unity Fountain Daily Sit Out Today

Today’s Free Zakzaky Daily Sit Out that is ongoing at the Unity Fountain in Abuja was dedicated to the over a thousand martyrs killed during the Zaria massacre of December 2015 and the many hundreds further killed since then by police, army and a variety of their agents.

Speaking at the place, one of the survivors, Malam Dalha Zaria, who was previously serially shot on several occasions, described how this time too he was shot on the chest at the Gyellesu residence of Sheikh Zakzaky by the rampaging soldiers. “As I fell to the ground after the initial shot, the soldiers took aim at me and shot five times but missed me,” he explained. He further explained, “again I survived this attack because my life wasn’t in their hands.”

Malam Dalha also explained how he was shot severally on his right lower limb by the police in 2009 during the Quds procession of that year with the aim of crippling him permanently. He survived with a deformity then.

He reiterated his unflinching support for the cause of the Islamic Movement and the free Zakzaky campaigns.


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  1. Abdulkadir A. Yahya

    Shame on my country for killing its own people!!!

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