Sheikh Qaseem Umar Killed By Agents Of Nigeria Security Apparatus

The death has occurred of Sheikh Qaseem Umar Sokoto, who was shot by Nigerian Police while peacefully protesting against the illegal detention of Sheikh Zakzaky – the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria.

Sheikh Qaseem was receiving treatment at a private facility in Kano where he was taken to, when the police acting on a tip off, identified and shot him in Abuja some weeks back.

Sheikh Qaseem was a learned teacher and an integral contributor to the IMN. He suffered so much persecution especially during the previous administration of Wammako in Sokoto State, when he was violently arrested along with hundreds of members in 2007 but was set free by the courts in 2014 after a tortuous court case.

Only last week, the Federal High Court in Sokoto ruled in the favour of the members of the Movement in the case instituted by Sheikh Qaseem, for the enforcement of fundamental rights of members to practice their faith without hindrance or molestation by the government or its security agencies or their proxies.

We demand justice for his death as well as for all those who have suffered in the wake of the massacre in Zaria in 2015.

Sheikh Zakzaky and his wife Zeenah have been held by state security services since December 2015 along with several other members and supporters of the Movement following their arrest during a savage military assault against the Movement in December 2015. Both were shot during the attack in Zaria in which at least 1000 supporters, including three sons of the couple, were killed and many properties and religious spaces belonging to the Movement and its followers destroyed.

Sheikh Qaseem will be laid to rest on Wednesday 7th February, 2018 in Sokoto by 11:00am.

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5 Thoughts to “Sheikh Qaseem Umar Killed By Agents Of Nigeria Security Apparatus”

  1. Abou Ali

    Inna liLlaahi wa inna iLaihi raaji’oon. In shaa Allah his blood will be avenged by his Master, Imam e Zaman atfs. May He be be enjoined to the caravan of the glorious shuhadaa with Abi Abdillah a.s. and other shuhadaa. In shaa Allah thousands more will sprout from his blessed blood. 🙏🏽

  2. Abrar Ahmad Motala

    Who was shaykh Qaseem Umar?

    1. Read the story. There is a brief on who he was. Thanks.

    2. faruq umar usman bugaje

      sheik zakzaky follower in sokoto

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