ICC Prelim Report: Explains The Recent Desperation Of The Buhari Govt

The recent upsurge in activities by the Buhari government’s Security personnel to paint the Movement black in order to nail it might not be unconnected with the recent conclusion of the preliminary investigation by the International Criminal Court of the Zaria massacre of December 2015.

Rather than decipher what explanations to give for their crimes against humanity in Zaria or begin preparations to go to The Hague cells, they are busy trying to push the camel through the eye of the needle trying to blackmail the Movement, thereby making their situation even worse.

Since the very start of the #Zariagenocide it was obvious what the objectives of this murderous regime were. Primarily, they sought to kill Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky along with as many of his supporters as possible and obliterate his Islamic Movement. Then they would carry out series of false flag violent attacks on innocent citizens and attribute them to the Movement in the name of reprisals. That was why the government spent enormous resources in their propaganda that “IMN is worse than Boko Haram.”

The government failed in their chief objective of taking out the Sheikh. Although they killed over a thousand of his supporters within a 36-hour murderous campaign, a significant number survived to mount a formidable global #FreeZakzaky campaign that has remained rational and peaceful despite provocation, lure, prodding or instigation. This has thus far frustrated the attainment of their secondary objectives.

Consequently, they have become even more desperate. Satan definitely never gives up hope of leading people astray. As we read in the Qur’an, Satan had sworn: _”I will lie in ambush for them… I will come at them, from in front of them and behind them, from their right and from their left.”_ Buhari’s government has not relented from its plots even for a moment; lying in ambush, awaiting any opportunity to fulfill its task. Buhari is characteristically stealthy. His government has been trying thousands of methods to beguile or entrap the Movement, from within and without. Our leader, Sheikh Zakzaky had said just a few weeks before the massacre that, “they will never stop plotting evil since the devil is their mentor, and the devil will never give up. He will keep on trying. His followers will also keep on trying. They are always preoccupied with the thoughts of what next evil they will plot. How they would kill. That is their sole preoccupation.”

They have indeed never stopped trying. The prophetic words of our leader has been the roadmap for members of the Movement. He had told us all about their devilish plots. “They will incite members of the Movement into carrying out attacks without thinking of the repercussions,” he cautioned. “But we must use the weapon of intellect, which is by far the strongest weapon we have, and which will prevail.”

Notwithstanding their woeful failure to portray the Movement as violent, recent actions and pronouncements seem to show that the government has not given up hope yet. The National Security Adviser recently categorized the Islamic Movement in Nigeria among the violent security challenges he claimed the regime is faced with. Of course, it was without proofs or justification. Governor El-Rufai of Kaduna state had much earlier mislabelled the Movement as “insurgents.” He also had nothing to prove his assertion other than empty rhetoric designed to have impressive effect, but which is lacking in sincerity or meaningful content. It was the same sing-song given by the former General Officer Commanding (GOC) of 1 Div, Nigerian Army, Gen. Oyebade. In their desperation, they even enlisted the services of Sheik Zakzaky’s half-brother to declare that the Movement is “worse than Boko Haram.” By their evil thought, people will fail to use their senses simply because a blood relation of the Sheikh utters something against the Sheikh and the Movement he leads without proofs. This option still remains on their evil table.

Perhaps an area in which they have very much intensified their activities is from within, where clearly they have not given up. Sheikh Zakzaky openly declared their evil plots on several occasions. One particular time was on 29th September, 2014 when he said, “They will engage agents to infiltrate us, and be thought also to be members of the Movement or some of their agents within with whom we have been carrying out activities of the Movement together, but who are actually working for them. Those were the ones I was cursing…”

They were the ones that the DSS operative that testified before the Kaduna Judicial Commission of Inquiry last year referred to under cross-examination that, “we have our agents in Hussainiyah and Gyellesu” when he was asked how he knew the details of what was going on in the two places. They have been quite active since the Zaria incident too, albeit unsuccessfully to link the Movement with weapons and lately with violence. Satan definitely never gives up hope of leading people astray. Sheikh Zakzaky explained, “They will never stop their evil plots because they have no other obsession but to kill. It is a devilish thought…no other wish. That is what they are fixated on too – only to kill.”

Sheikh Zakzaky had told us (on that same 29th September, 2014) that “they are not satisfied yet with so much bloodletting. They are currently engaged in devising a plot linking us with possession of guns and shooting. If only they have been listening to what I have been saying that guns are the weapons of the insane! Our own weapon is sanity. They are the insane, they are the murderers! We are working to save lives and not to destroy them.” These prophetic words and strong foresight of our leader have kept the Movement and the #FreeZakzaky campaign focussed.

They have been unable to make us deviate into embracing violent ways in any way no matter how much they infiltrated us. Sheikh Zakzaky has engraved into our genes the concept and the philosophy of the struggle and the modus operandi is indelibly programmed in us. Like our leader mentioned, in the words of Imam Ali (AS), “I bequeath to you the fear of God and in orderly conduct of your affairs.” He had said “we are not a crowd or hoodlums on the street. We are orderly and our activities are highly organized. And most certainly, it is not on the streets that we plan our activities.

Just as we are told in the Quran God replied Satan when he said he would lay ambush on people and lead them all astray, _“as for my sincere and devout servants, you (Satan) shall have no power over them.”_ In similar fashion, the satanic government of Buhari will never succeed in derailing us like they did to some other groups and communities, who were lured into violence and destroyed.

May God strengthen our resolve no matter the temptation, annihilate the tyrants and hasten the freedom of our leader, Sheikh Zakzaky.


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  1. Nura Gambo Dutsin-ma

    Intimidation, threat or Molestation ‘ll not change us from this Course or Movement insha Allah we ‘ll stay Calm and focused under the Sun or in the Rain. LAIBBAIKA YA EL ZAKZAKY!!!!!.

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