El-Rufai’s ‘Slip Of Tongue’ Exposes State Of His Mind

While speaking at the Palace of the Emir of Zazzau on the occasion of celebration of 43 years on the throne by Alhaji Shehu Idris, the Kaduna state governor, Nasiru El-Rufai might have exposed the hidden dark side of his mind.

While rejoicing with the Emir for attaining 43 years on the throne, El-Rufai prayed that the 43 years be doubled in “good health and oppression!”

Observers and analysts believe that what appears to be a slip of tongue might just be expression of what is going on in his subconscious or troubled mind. It exposes the way and manner he has been running affairs of state since assumption of office as the Governor of Kaduna state.

Whatever is running in his rotten mind and spilling outside, manifesting as obsession with thoughts of tyranny and oppression, we seek refuge in God from.

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