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Meet The Lady Who Lost Husband, Their Six Sons In Zaria Massacre

Malama Zainab Isa is one of those who will forever remain traumatized about the lost of her husband and their six grownup sons in one swoop during the Zaria massacre.

The Buhari Nigerian army in December, 2015 killed her husband, Abdullahi Abbas, and their six sons, Abdulrazak Abdullahi, Abbas Abdullahi, Muhammad Abdullahi, Ahmad Abdullahi, Ibrahim Abdullahi and Jawad Abdullahi.

Abdullahi Abbas, her husband was well known by everyone as someone who sells books and CDs at the Husainiyyah or the Sheikh’s house and other places wherever the activities of the Islamic Movement took place.

“Our sons often assist their father with his customers,” she explained, and “all six of them were with him on that faithful day when the soldiers struck.” Naturally, because they spread their wares outside the main compound, they were among the first targets of the horrendous attacks.

Malama Zainab said agonizingly, “Up to now, we don’t know their fate. We don’t know whether all the seven (7) of them were killed or the soldiers abducted some of them to unknown locations. Nobody is giving me any information that can ease my pain.”

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