Defence In Case Against Members Of Islamic Movt Opens Tomorrow At Kaduna High Court

The defence lawyers will tomorrow open its case in defence of members of the Islamic Movement arrested during Zaria massacre and charged before the Kaduna State High Court presided by Justice Nyoms, for culpable homicide among other charges.

At the last sitting of the court in the case, the prosecution had closed its case, having presented close to over seventy witnesses, mostly police officers whose main action was taking statements from the accused and also some military officers who were at the scene of the Zaria massacre. A number of exhibits were also tendered.

In previous sitting, the Chief Investigating Police Officer, Chief Superintendent of Police, Ibrahim Abdul, of the Nigeria Police who led the investigating team of Police that investigated the Zaria incident in December 2015 has placed the blame in respect of the alleged killing of Cpl Dankaduna on the doorsteps of the Nigerian army. He said under cross examination that he was told friendly fire killed Dankaduna.

Over 200 members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria have been in Prison Custody since December 2015 while standing trial before the Hon. Justice David Nyom of the High Court of Kaduna State allegedly for killing Cpl. Dankaduna and for other sundry offences.

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