Odinkalu, Ndi Kato Decorate Daily Free Zakzaky Sit Out With Their Presence On Day 40

Today’s Daily Free Zakzaky Sit Out at the Unity Fountain, Abuja was full of excitement, as some of the important dignitaries earlier promised to attend, graced the event with their presence and motivating speeches on day 40 of the event.

First was activist Ndi Kato, who in her speech said that justice is a universal language which every person must stand for, for his own good. According to her, allowing injustice on others is what brings about lack of law and order in the society. “If one watches as others are oppressed and refuses to speak against it, it will another day come to his own turn and no one will stand for him.”

She explained further that rampant killings in the country is what is currently setting the country on a time bomb as this has a psychological effect on the children of the victims who are left without any rehabilitation to grow with the spirit of war or violence. This has a dangerous effect on the future. “How do you think the children of those that were killed by the Army n Dec 2015 will grow to see the govt in future?” She asked.

She explained further that she is impressed with the steadfastness of the IMN members and the way they have remained focused and undeterred since the unfortunate massacre.

She added that death is the ultimate and that no one will die before his time and so she is not afraid to be killed for calling for justice and freedom for Shaikh Zakzaky.

She finally stated that the revered sheikh Zakzaky will be free as she calls on IMN members to also join in voting him out come 2019.

On his part, the former Chairman of the National Human Rights Commission, Prof. Chidi Odinkalu said: “the leader of the Islamic Movement Sheikh Zakzaky, cannot live above the law and can certainly not be allowed to live below the law.”

The Professor of law, said the Sheikh enjoys every right as a citizen as does every other Nigerian. Hence his detention is not only illegal but it is grossly unjust.

He explained that it is pertinent to speak against injustice to whosoever it is done, stating that during the December 2015 massacre in Zaria, it was Hunkuyi that was the Senator representing the senatorial zone that included Zaria where the massacre took place but he said nothing. “He didn’t speak against it,” he said. “The same perpetrator of the crime has now turned against him and has bulldozed his house and placed him under undue threat.” Odinkalu said, however, “even as the Senator did not speak against the atrocities against what the IMN, we will still speak against what is meted against him because it is wrong and must not be allowed.”

He therefore, enjoined people to always speak against injustice, irrespective of who the victim is.

Both Ndi Kato and Prof Odinkalu promised to grace the Sit out again with their presence.

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