Case Adjourned To April 18 To Allow Defense Enter “No Case Submission”

The case involving members of the Islamic Movement arrested during Zaria massacre and charged before Justice Nyoms of the Kaduna State High court has adjourned sitting to April 18th, to allow the defense lawyers to enter a “no case submission.”

At the resumption of sitting today, the defense was expected to open their defence of those standing trial for alleged culpable homicide and other Sundry charges. However, the defence sought for more time to prepare a “no case submission,” stating that the enormity of the facts of the case, and the delays in laying their hands on the court records necessitated the request for more time. The prosecution had no objection to the request. Consequently, the case was adjourned to the 18th of April.

There was a mild drama at the start of the case today however, when lawyers were announcing appearances in the case, when a new lawyer announced appearance for the 38th and 48th accused persons. It was the first time he would be appearing in the case. When the persons involved were questioned by the Judge whether they had engaged the services of another lawyer or they have decided to change counsels, they denied knowledge of such an arrangement. “We don’t know him. We haven’t changed lawyers and we don’t know who engaged his services,” they maintained.

He therefore had to withdraw his appearance in the matter. It was not clear who sent him to represent them and where was he from.

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