Dan Fulani’s Presence Excites Audience At Daily Sit Out

The Daily Free Zakzaky Sit Out has again today kept to its promise of bringing in important dignitaries to Unity Fountain, Abuja as it brought the renown activist, Dr. John Dan Fulani from Kaduna to dignify the occasion.

It was however the electrifying speech of Dr. Danfulani that was most captivating. He declared out right that Sheikh Zakzaky would be victorious over the government and not the other way round. He said the revered Sheikh will most certainly outlive the government.

He explained that he knows the Sheikh much more than some members of the Movement and that Sheikh also knows him so well. “I have lived with him before,” he declared.

Explaining why it took him about 41 days to show up at the Sit out, he said he has been battling in court in a case with the Kaduna state governor, Nasiru Elrufai that has kept him quite busy. “Besides, I live in Kaduna and with the distance, the insecurity on the roads and the bad state of repairs of the road between Kaduna and Abuja, it was practically impossible to be attending the sit out as much as I would have wanted.” He further said, “that notwithstanding, he is in full support of the sit out and free Zakzaky.”

He promised to always come to the sit out whenever he is in Abuja.

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