Daily Sit Out Shifted To Busy “Berger” Junction Today

The Daily Free Zakzaky Sit Out by the coalition of groups led by the Concerned Nigerians today took place at an unusual place under unusual circumstances as it held in the ever-busy “Berger Junction” Abuja.

The sit-out was shifted to Bergers Junction, which has a network of roads and bridges following the complete siege of the usual venue, Unity Fountain, by security operatives due to what they said was Presidential activity in the place.

Despite the sudden change in venue, it was well attended, with the distinguished presence of Sheikhs Abdulhamid Bello and Abdullahi Zango among others.

Soon on completion of the Sit Out, the two Sheikhs led a Free Zakzaky procession

from there Berger Junction to Wuse market.

The procession attracted the attention of the mammoth crowd going to different destinations as each stopped to catch a glimpse of the slogans chanting men, women and children with banners and posters depicting their demand; Free Zakzaky!

At the termination of the peaceful procession, t

he two Sheikhs called for the immediate and unconditional release of the revered leaderof the Islamic Movement in Nigeria from illegal detention.

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