Sheikh Zakzaky Explains Boko Haram, Herdsmen, Other Conflicts

The leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has attributed the incessant conflicts in the country and indeed the Continent especially Boko Haram, to what he referred to as “Second Scramble for Africa” by the World powers especially the US and its allies, France and others.

According to the revered Sheikh, the enormous resources in the northern belt ranging from Sokoto to Borno, including large Gold, Platinum, Uranium reserves and other precious metals was the motivation to ignite different types of conflict, by which they can come in and establish their military bases and begin unlimited exploration.

The Sheikh explained that their analysis showed them that two-thirds of the World’s resources are buried in Africa, hence the need for a second scramble for Africa. “America has not hidden anything, when it said it would use terrorism to dominate the world,” he said. According to him, it was the search for Gold that sparked the fight in Mali, Diamond was at the root of the conflict in Central African Republic and Crude oil in Libya.

He explained further that they usually ensure they pick fools and idiots as President, Governors, Ministers who would be powerless as their citizens are killed and resources plundered.

He severely criticized the way and manner a phantom group called Book Haram is used to massively kill and kidnap girls in order to create fear in the citizens, enforce mass displacements and depopulate regions for their hidden agenda.

Watch a video clip of the speech here:

It will be recalled that since the inception of the present administration of President Muhammadu Buhari, there has been renewed efforts at igniting many different types of conflicts in different parts of the country, ranging from cattle rustling, Fulani herdsmen and a host of others, while maintaining the inherited ones of Boko Haram.

Sometime back, President Buhari, wearing military uniform, was in Zamfara state to establish a large military base and airstrip in the name of preventing cattle rustling, but which commentators said was to provide operational base for unchecked exploration and transport of the resources.

Despite the establishment of similar bases at strategic places across the northern region, neither mass killings nor kidnappings had stopped with what appears to be the multiplicity of new conflict zones and scope.


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