The Tale Of Two Buharis: The Wild And The Wicked

This is the tale of two Buharis. One is wild (Buharin Daji) and the other is wicked (Buhari Azlamu). One, until just last weekend, ruled supreme in the forests of Zamfara and the other rules on the rocky mountain of Aso. Between them is the blood of thousands of innocent Nigerian souls.

That is not all. One was used by the other, and having outlived his usefulness, is discarded. The other of course will take the ‘credit’ for discarding the first, having already used him to achieve what both did with so great a devastating effect.

Rather unfortunately, history will be distorted by the other Buhari against the former one. Few will remember that both did the same thing – kill innocent souls with such a reckless abandon. In fact, few will remember that the other, in his quest to satisfy his own paymasters’ desire to colonize all over again, in their new scramble for our resources, in their urge to destabilize and depopulate whole regions, had to use the former.

When it became glaring that their goals were the same, they collaborated. The other Buhari sent his trusted commander, the General Officer Commanding (GOC) to the fields where the first Buhari reigned. The GOC, had only a year earlier overseen the massacre of over a thousand souls in just one weekend and buried them in mass graves located in and around his present area of influence. However, that trip to the fields of Zamfara, was not to fight, but a friendly mission. It was strategic. We saw how the representative of the wicked Buhari, the GOC hugged the Wild Buhari. Everything was going “well” for both.

Having being used, the wicked Buhari has now discarded the wild one. Not that anything may change though.

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