Nigerians Express Surprise At Buhari’s ‘Surprise’

Nigerians are increasingly expressing surprise at the extent of President Buhari’s administrative ineptitude such as one he recently exhibited in Benue when he said he was surprised the Inspector-general of Police had disobeyed his orders.

According to the president, the Benue killings continued because IGP disobeyed him. Blaming the Inspector General of Police, Idris Abubakar over the continuous killings in Benue State, Buhari shocked Nigerians when he said, “The problem in Benue started worsening because the IGP refused to follow my instruction. What I did was to call him (IGP) and give him the directive. I didn’t know he moved here (Benue State) and didn’t spend much time … and then moved to Nasarawa. It’s only now that I am knowing that. But I know I dispatched him here,” the President said.

Empty orders, incapable of doing anything to those who flout them

The President often feigns ignorance even after full knowledge of certain events. For instance, he feigned ignorance over the massacre of over a thousand Nigerian citizens by Nigerian army in Zaria in December 2015, of whom he is the Commander in chief, and he was physically very close to the scene of that horrendous crime when it was carried out.

But perhaps even more shocking is his inaction in the face of such gross insubordination, if we were to take his words for it. As of the last check, Mr Idris Ibrahim remains as the IGP just as the COAS is still being occupied by Tukur Burutai, more than two years after the Zaria massacre.

IGP: Whose orders is he obeying

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