Parents Panic In Kano, Pick Children From Boarding Schools To Avoid Kidnap

In what appears to be attempt to avoid a repeat of Chibok or Dapchi kidnap saga, parents and guardians were seen hurriedly picking their children and wards from boarding schools in Kano following news making rounds that the government said it wouldn’t guarantee the security of such students.

According to sources, school authorities of the various schools had written to parents requesting parents to pick their wards and children from schools based on instructions from the state ministry of education that parents should pick their children from the schools without delay because of an alleged threat to their security.

Consequently, parents were seen rushing en masse to pick their children from the schools, to avoid the “Dapchi experience.”

However, the Kano state ministry of information has called on parents to ignore what it called “rumour” of a security lapse warranting such an action. In the same vein, security sources in Kano said it was a baseless rumour that has already been circulated and parents acted based on such.

A parent who was seen picking his two daughters from a boarding school in Kano said, “I can’t trust the government to protect my daughters. It has happened twice before in this country and the government is only leaving the parents to wail. I wouldn’t take the risk of being the next father to wail.”
On February 19, 2018, 5:30pm, one hundred and ten (110) schoolgirls aged 11-19 years old were kidnapped by the terrorist group called Boko Haram from the Government Girls Science and Technical College (GGSTC), Dapchi, located in Bulabulin, Bursari Local Government area of Yobe State.

Before that both security and political leaders had misinformed the general public that Boko Haram had been “technically” defeated and therefore declared as “over” the war on the group because the government forces had severely rendered the group “incapable of launching any mass attack.” The government was therefore caught napping on this and had no answer beyond empty promises of determination to rescue the girls and the rhetoric of having “reacted faster than the previous government did” during the Chibok girls kidnap.

Well, it appears that Kano parents are rightly not taking any chances.


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  1. Idriss Baba

    Salam Dapchi is the headquarters of Bursari Local Government Area of Yobe State not Yunusari (written Yunusarin) insha Allah

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