[Video] Buhari’s Fine Blend Of Dishonesty And Hypocrisy In One

Perhaps one of the greatest flaws of President Muhammadu Buhari is his projection of a humble and honest man, while displaying a wicked and extremist doublespeak tyrant.

Buhari’s words have come to mean nothing when his actions are the complete opposite. He claims to fight corruption when indeed he shields corruption. He claims to be a reformed democrat when indeed he has shown he is an unrepentant tyrant.

Today, we have as a president, a Buhari, who is a fine blend of dishonesty and hypocrisy in one. A personification of falseness, double standards and wickedness.

In this video, as a presidential candidate then, answering questions on BBC HAUSA SERVICE, Buhari criticised the way Jonathan’s government was not protecting the lives and property of Nigerians, which he said was the primary function of government.

He criticised the way the military and other security forces were used to arbitrarily kill people. “Soldiers don’t just get to an area, cordon it off and kill all living things there,” he said. But only a few months after assumption of office, Buhari did much worse thing in Zaria, killing not less than a thousand citizens, including women and children, burnt others, including the injured and corpses and secretly buried their remains in mass graves at night very far from the scene. He further demolished their properties and cleared the rubbles to clean any traces of the atrocity. Thereafter, he pretended he knows nothing of that crime.

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