The Success Man Must Achieve

In the name of Allah the most knowledgeable, Peace be upon the holy prophet and his progeny, the guiding lights to human kind.

In our journey as mankind, our lives and existence are rooted in certain foundations that serve as a rock and a happy ground on which to build the house of life. Obviously humanity has erred in failing to fully recognize and study the factors of happiness and well being which involves faith in Gods eternal power, preoccupation with the perfection of personality and morality. Happiness does not dwell on perfecting the material world alone because man was not made only for production and consumption, he was designed for pure love, religious feelings, intellectual treasures, creative imagination, self sacrifice and heroic living as such, it is only in the power of faith and morality that man can find a safe ground to build the house of life, a house devoid of too many sick souls, without so many extraordinary crises and catastrophic way of living.

Faith is the highest of human merits and assets; nothing except faith in the eternal power of God can rescue one from anxiety and anguish. Faith in god is one of mans innate senses; he senses that behind the scenes of the world of being, there reign an invisible power, a power which controls the course of all entities according to a will with order and accuracy. Unless a man is possessed of a firm and stable faith, he remains a stranger to the ways of those who knows God. Man just as he needs water so likewise needs God, to achieve these need man has to draw closer to God.

Holiness of the human soul is the basic foundation of virtuousness, goodness and truthfulness and it is the main way that reveals the true beauty of life, it prevents a man from degenerating morally and spiritually, it prevent modern man from simply taking refuge in human sentiments or in the reasoning of the experimental sciences without stopping to consider its limits and boundaries.

The quality of our faith determines the quality of our lives and action as such we should choose to feed our faith with positive thoughts of the bounty of Allah Taala `and His amazing creatures that surround us, it is obvious that “as a man thinketh in his heart so is he“. Mankind must learn to do his very best in every situation life offers, we should try to act and be persistence in our act in accordance to the ways of the righteous ones. The problem of the world may be so incredibly complex, nevertheless we must develop the courage to tackle the problems, challenges and to positively utilize opportunities with energetic and vigour faith, with persistence in action steps that will ultimately lead man to the success he should seek for, which is — love and acceptance from Allah.

Worship and Godliness and true humanity must be approach with the sole aim of drawing near to God with purity of intention. True worship founded on a stable faith, frees a man from the bondage of fleshly lusts and draws him into spiritual joys. In our day to day actions one must gradually learn how to create discipline in life, how to follow the said principles and become master of ones self rather than being a slave of emotion and a disposer of trash. With intensive efforts we must try to master our emotions, anger, indifference, pride and pain at the same time, try to make our life simpler, more profound, dynamic and noble. These can be achieve through increasing the intensity, quality and quantity of our activities and also through ensuring that these activities are in line with the teachings of our noble prophet and the righteous guides.

Human beings are constantly under the pool of two opposite poles of virtue and vice. Therefore we should learn to pay undivided attention to our goals, hold firm to our faith and learn to perfect our personality. Man should select for himself a way that is worthy of a man and choose the most reliable means for attaining the highest human goal in order to realize the full significance of life. Although man cannot break his links with his fellow men or live in isolation, because the darkness of loneliness might make his life grim and unbearable, but he must learn to listen to others only with intelligent ears, raising his vigilance to the required pitch so that he will not permit every one to put all forms of negative suggestions into his mind.

The global idea of trampling the law of mans own being underfoot in the name of freedom or oppression can never yield the peace of heart and joy mankind seek, on the alternative man must embrace the law of his well being and try to perfect his personality through engaging in those responsibilities that plays a basic role in improving and purifying the human souls, such means will broaden the mental and moral horizon of man and pave him ways to live the worldly life successfully. There is no doubt that through re-strengthening faith in God, through perfecting human personality, adhering and preserving moral ways, mankind will attain to the highest equilibrium, efficiency and dynamism. The higher our ideals the greater the power that drive us towards our goals, and this depend on faith and on the extent of efforts geared towards this success that mankind must achieve which is; Love and acceptance from Allah.

Men of God like Sheikh Ibrahim El-Zakzaky aimed at setting a moral foundation for a virtuous and meaningful human life and existence under the divine guidance, but Men of evil mind from the forces of darkness tend to cast their evil eyes on him. One fact they fail to realize is that the forces of light are always victorious (LIGHT SUPERSEDES DARKNESS) and light will continue to spread, till the light of truth spread all over darkness and eliminate it completely with the help of the Almighty Creator.

Sheikh Zakzaky: Setting moral foundation for meaningful life

FREE Sheikh El-Zakzaky
Peace be upon those who stood for truth and Humanity

This piece was contributed by Sister Taheerah Aliyu

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