Dapchi Reversed Following Yobe Youths’ Cleansing Of Buhari Bad Omen

There was an instant effect of the cleansing by some Yobe youths of the ‘bad omen’ following the visit by President Muhammadu Buhari.

The return of the girls was as surprising as their abduction some weeks ago. Their abductors had a triumphant entry into Dapchi, in convoy of nine buses with foot escorts.

The scenario made a fool of Nigerian security set up and indeed the whole government (forget that they will soon begin to claim the credit). These girls were supposed to have been abducted by terrorists to an unknown destination. A search was supposed to have been mounted for them – on land and by air.

“The militant group came with the girls in 9 vehicles same way they took them away… first dropping off one (of) the girls in a nearby village and then driving into the center of Dapchi town to drop off the rest of the girls…” – Sahara Reporters

However, when the abductors had a change of heart, and decided they were no longer interested in abducting the girls again, they didn’t simply release them from wherever they hid them so that the girls would find their way home. They didn’t hand them over to a humanitarian agency or persons or some negotiators of a sought to return them. No! They brought them back to where they picked them by themselves. Not at night or under the cover of darkness. No! In full glare of all. They reversed the Dapchi saga and our search parties were nowhere around even to sight them as they came back, or at best receive them from their abductors, if they were not interested in arresting them. Having been cheered for their “kind gesture” the abductors were ensured a safe passage to their territory. And that was it.


his could only happen in the type of fairytale seen in fiction books for children. But this was for real. Dapchi has been reversed.

The only sensible explanation is to look at it as a result of the recent washing off of the streets of Yobe state with copious water and detergent of whatever ‘bad omen’ Buhari came with during his recent visit to the community. And the Lord was appeased.

Thank you Yobe youths. Shall we now embark on cleansing the whole of Nigeria?


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