On A Night Like This; Our Fervent Prayers

On a night like this, the night before the first Friday of the holy month of Rajab, known as the Night of the Granting of wishes (Laylatur Ragha’ib), we offer our fervent prayers…

On such a night like this, with an obvious upsurge in the mischievous activities and evil schemes within and outside the Movement, we must offer our fervent prayers;

May Allah preserve us and maintain our faith intact, secure our souls and conscience, no matter how much they always try to create the state of insecurity themselves, with their treacherous agents within singing threat songs given to them so that they could attribute it to the Movement and use that as justification for continuation of their extreme persecution of our leader and the Movement.

O Allah, their recent words and actions show that they are very desperate.

May Allah decorate us with patience and adorn us with steadfastness to withstand even the most obstinate of their desperate actions.

Our fervent prayers remain that may Allah put an end to the intentions of them who desire to destroy the Islamic Movement in Nigeria its leadership and body of sincere members.

May Allah outwit them who make evil plans, keep off from us their deceit and intrigues, their hostility and fancy, keep us aloof, refusing to have anything to do with them, in whatever manner and on any occasion.

May Allah set us free from the clutches of these tyrants and from the pangs of their persecutions.

May Allah give us enough strength to endure, free from the forces within that seek to make us to succumb.

May Allah thwart the schemes of those who plot to treat us harshly, let them come to grief, expose and rebuke them as they slander us, lay out a master plan to defeat them, as they try to deceive us by their wicked stratagem.

May Allah hasten the release of our leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky and all those still being held unjustifiably in the course of this wicked plot of Zaria genocide.

All these and many more, we ask you Allah to grant us on a night like this, for the sake of those You love the most.


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  1. even if a person has no knowledge of shaiekh zakzaky (h)
    we entrusted with him we decide nobody deserves to respond to Nigeria backwards zakzaky

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