Peak Of Absurdity: Contemptuously Detain An Innocent Man While Offering Unconditional Amnesty To Terrorists

Anyone who would offer an unconditional amnesty to terrorists who killed several thousands of persons while continuing to detain an innocent couple against a valid court judgement, needs his head examined, seriously.

That is the situation Nigeria finds itself right now with a President who would offer an unconditional amnesty to Boko Haram terrorists but continuing to illegally detain Sheikh Zakzaky and his spouse, whose detention a Federal High Court judgement declared as unknown to any laws, unconstitutional and must be set free and compensated.

Madman at the helm

Politics apart, what manner of President would set free unconditionally a group of insurgents, who took up arms against the very country he is ruling, killed its citizens, capture its territory, displace its peoples and randomly abduct its young girls? That same President would knowingly send troops to extra-judicially kill over a thousand of innocent, unarmed citizens and burn and burry their remains in mass graves, capture and detain a religious leader and his wife, having killed their sons and everyone with them, demolished their homes and properties and keep them without access to medical attention and legal counsel. All these even as a competent court had ruled that their detention is illegal and unconstitutional, and thereby should be set free and compensated.

The President has most certainly gone nuts. The absurdity he displays by the day is unparalleled. He needs deliverance. He is possessed of some sought. He needs healing before he drives the entire nation asunder! It is not surprising that Yobe youths recognized that early and they embarked on symbolic cleansing of their streets after presidential visit. It paid off too.

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