Free Zakzaky Was Monumental In Abuja In spite Of Bluff From The Presidency

Signs that the presidency was feeling the pinch of the vigorous Free Zakzaky campaigns in Abuja, especially the Daily Sit Out and the usually massive Wednesday processions was noted early as battle ready armed policemen made attempts at stopping both, “on orders from the Presidency.”

Very early on, contingent after contingent of members of the Islamic Movement and supporters were stopped from entering Abuja. At the same time, another contingent of armed policemen was at the Unity Fountain venue of the Daily Sit Out to mount barricades, preventing entry.

A tweet of the Concerned Nigerians mentioned that a senior police officer had said that they were acting on the orders from the Presidency.

Thus, in spite of all the bluff and intimidation, today’s free Zakzaky procession was simply phenomenal, as thousands of members and supporters rallied to conduct a procession and rally like they have never done before in Abuja since the start of the free Zakzaky campaigns.

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One Thought to “Free Zakzaky Was Monumental In Abuja In spite Of Bluff From The Presidency”

  1. Saminu Muhammad

    You emerged victorious Insha Allah disciples of Allama Zakzaky

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