Islamic Movement Members Sing Songs, Send Message To President Buhari

“When it comes to Sheikh Zakzaky, we can dare anyone,” members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria sang today in Abuja during the Free Zakzaky campaign activity.

The procession and Sit Out campaign held against all odds as the police made frantic attempts within their power to prevent the campaign based on “orders from the Presidency,” witnessed a very huge turn out.

The response, it seems, was to chant songs of defiance calling for the immediate release of the Sheikh.

A stanza of the song said;

If only they knew the Mu’alim from Zaria;

Isn’t just a Sheikh of only Nigeria;

He is a Sheikh of the entire world;

The moment he is touched, the world goes in speedy turmoil.

Calling for the immediate release of the Sheikh, the song observed that the continued detention of Sheikh Zakzaky has thrown the government in a whirlwind fall from grace to grass and tumultuous confusion.

The song went on to say:

Tell the government that Zakzaky is more than a father to us all;

Over his matter we don’t fear to die;

When it comes to Zakzaky we fear nobody;

When it comes to Zakzaky we can dare anyone!

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