Insanity: Buhari To Spend One Billion Naira Daily To Purchase Weapons For The Next One Year

The insanity that has engulfed the entire President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration since inception appears to get worse by the day as the President has approved the release of $1 billion (an equivalent of N360bn) for procurement of security equipment to fight insecurity in the country, amounting to spending one billion naira everyday for the purpose.

This was disclosed by the Minister of Defence, Mansur Dan-Ali, on Wednesday after a three-hour meeting Buhari had with service chiefs and heads of other security agencies.

The decision had drawn instant criticisms from groups and individuals, who contend that in a country where schools lack the requisite facilities for effective teaching and research and hospitals are mere consulting clinics, this decision is simply “insane.”

What manner of president would grant amnesty to terrorists while detaining innocent persons against the judgement of a competent court of the land? What manner of President would spend one billion Naira daily for one year to purchase arms while the citizens go Hungry? “It is incredible. It is insane,” one commentator said.


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